picture of Robert Millis

picture of Robert Millis

Robert Millis

I dislike writing about myself. Sure I can and will talk about myself at length and happily, but writing seems so formal and set in stone. And besides I have written too many failed grant applications (not to mention failed job applications) in my life. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I work with sound. You can trust sound, and you can’t misspell things. I come from a family of readers, where words are king… but sound goes where words do not. I have a distinct memory of an old house and a creepy attic; if you went through the creepy part, the attic had a front room, bathed in sunlight. I remember that room having a pile of dusty books on top of which, like a king, sat a portable wind-up gramophone. Old 78rpm records were among the first tangible expressions of what is ephemeral and these “talking machines” that played them still seem magical to me. I am interested in how sounds are mediated through the equipment used to record them and the material on which they are recorded, almost as a composition is mediated through a performer. As a child I loved the foley in old movies and episodes of batman. I loved echoes. Odd radio transmissions. Footsteps in the distance, rustling through leaves. Lines smacking against flagpoles or masts in harbors. Crickets. Water through the pebbles on a beach. The sound in my head while chewing. The rhythms of car tires on uneven pavement. I don’t think I even understood that to most people these noises were different than “music.” To me they were all part of one big sound world: the emotion in a singer’s voice, a guitar, the disquieting squeak of a chair, conversation in a theatre before the movie starts, someone hollering. It all connects. I tried to foist my collage and found sound proclivities on rock bands I was in, figuring that it was all the same, that everyone thought like I did. Eventually Climax Golden Twins emerged from this primordial swamp and growing lungs from gills shambled onto the musical landscape of late 20th century America…CGT has been described in print somewhere as “effusively eclectic”, though I can’t remember by whom. Well, there you go. They would know.

My release on Etude is suspended animation, the speaking silence of a half remembered dream…

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  • 2009 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS"Eerie Fragrance" (Etude Records)
  • 2009 ROBERT MILLIS "120" (Etude Records)
  • 2008 AFCGT "Untitled" (Uzu Audio)
  • 2008 AFCGT "Untitled" (Dirty Knobby)
  • 2008 VICTROLA FAVORITES "Book/Cd" (Dust to Digital)
  • 2007 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "5 cents a piece" (Bduction Records)
  • 2007 MY FRIEND RAIN "Feature Documentary" (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 2006 PHI TA KHON: GHOST OF ISAN"Feature Documentary" (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 2006 SPIRIT HOUSE "Short" (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 2006 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS"Insect Agent" (Muang Sing Music)
  • 2006 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Conspiracy" (Conspiracy Records)
  • 2005 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "B Sides" (Testing Ground)
  • 2005 HARMIKA YAB YUM "Folk Sounds from Nepal" (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 2004 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered" (NEI Recordings)
  • 2004 LEAF MUSIC DRUNKS DISTANT DRUMS "Recordings from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar" (Anomalous Records)
  • 2004 THE PHONOGRAPHER'S UNION "Live on Sonarchy Radio" (Accretions)
  • 2004 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Live in the 21st Century" (Kabukikore Records)
  • 2003 NAT PWE"Burma's Carnival of Spirit Soul" (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 2003 RMILLIS/JTAYLOR "N/T" (Since 1972)
  • 2002 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Lovely" (Anomalous Records)
  • 2002 MESSENGER TRIO "N/T" (Anomalour Records)
  • 2001 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Session 9" (Milan International)
  • 2001 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Untitled Rock" (Fire Breathing Turtle, Since1972)
  • 2000 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds" (Meme Records)
  • 2000 VICTROLA FAVORITES "10 volumes series cassettes" (Fire Breathing Turtle Records)
  • 2000 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Live Four record set, I-IV" (Anomalous Records)
  • 1998 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Locations" (Fire Breathing Turtle Records)
  • 1996 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Untitled 7" (Roadcone)
  • 1996 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Imperial Household Orchestra" (Scratch Records)
  • 1995 CLIMAX GOLDEN HISS "Cassette" (Union Pole)
  • 1995 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Eyeless Fabrication" (EF Cassettes)
  • 1995 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Untitled 3 inch cd" (Fire Breathing Turtle Records)
  • 1994 CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Untitled double 7 inch" (Fire Breathing Turtle Records)