Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants provide patients with a missing tooth or teeth a restorative option far better than dentures. Although implants are not a new technology, their popularity has caught on only within the last several years. More than one million people in the U.S. use implants. People prefer implants because they look and feel more like the real teeth and offer a host of additional perks.

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Sadly, dental implants surgery isn’t covered by most dental insurance plans. It is considered a cosmetic surgery, therefore excluded from most plans. Some plans may cover the costs or partial costs of implants, however, especially if you carry specialty coverage. Simply check your coverage policy or talk to an agent to learn more. Implants cost as much as $5,000 per implant, excluding costs of extractions and other necessary services. It can run into quite a large sum of money for many people.

If the dental implants surgery isn’t covered under your insurance plan, perhaps some of the services necessary will be. Many people who use dental implants need bone grafts, extractions, and other treatments ahead of the implant insertion. Check your policy or talk to your insurance agent since many of the procedures are likely covered. If insurance covers some of the costs it is a significant help during this procedure.

The costs of implants vary from one patient to the next but usually start at a cost of about $1,800 each. Factors that impact costs include the number of implants, the dentist chosen for implants, and more. You can learn what kind of dentist does implants danville and decide which professional expert is best suited for your needs. Also keep in mind that financing and payment plan options also exist, which lessens the burden of the costs.