Determining Which Outpatient Service Best

While you know that you or a loved one has a serious problem, you are never really sure which treatment program would suit you or him best. It is, however, left to outpatient counseling services washington dc therapists to help make that determination. This is necessary for those who require drug & alcohol treatment. A decision will be made on whether you or a loved one needs to be enrolled for outpatient or inpatient treatment.

A sense of reassurance could be provided in the case of outpatient counselling services. Should that be the diagnosis and suggestion of the presiding therapist, then the condition of the disorder and the patient’s circumstances cannot be all bad. The patient is trusted enough to return in two weeks’ time for his next counselling session. Of course, this does not mean that you or he can now slide into that false sense of security that is complacency.

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Bi-weekly outpatient therapy could run anything from six weeks to months. It again depends on the severity of the patient’s mental disorder or substance abuse issues. And in any case, recovery should be viewed as long-term. The registered, practicing and clinical therapist will be drawing up long-term objectives after at least the first few therapy sessions. Whether she discloses these to her patient is perhaps a matter of therapeutic strategy.

A softening of the word-phrasing is given when making reference to residential counselling alternatives as opposed to inpatient therapy. It does sound a lot less severe for a condition that is probably quite severe in any event. The affected patient has to be placed under close observation. Looking at matters with a long-term view, this is probably in the patient’s best interest. It represents a good shot towards recovery.